Immerseus 25m HC -> Garrosh 25m HC in only 8 resets. Nice work for the reformed Sublime!

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We killed this 2 weeks ago but it turns out posting screenshots is actually harder then killing the boss.

Recruitment is still open for a few more highly skilled players for WOD + WOD Beta! 

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such kill
many progress
so amaze

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lolololo thok down after 10 tries

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Our journey towards WoD continues. We're making progress in SoO hc and are looking to down Thok this week. As you can see in our recruitment status to the right, we are in particular looking for melee dps and tanks. A warrior and a rogue would make a very nice addition to our roster.

So if you're an experienced raider that wants to raid with a solid group on a manageable 3 day schedule - do send us an application or come have a chat with us in game!

We're looking forward to hearing from YOU!

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